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Evolution Cycles

Offering limited services for Sidecars & Airhead BMW motorcycles

Sidecars Services:

-Installation/setup/alignment of your sidecar rig using laser alignment to ensure correct toe-in and other settings.


-Custom automotive wheel & tire conversions for BMW Monolever and Paralever motorcycles.



BMW Airhead motorcycle wiring services:


-Custom wiring upgrades including lighting/horn relays & auxiliary fuse blocks for additional accessories.


-We also offer and install the EnDuraLast 400-watt brushless charging systems on your BMW Airhead motorcycle!

Send an email for more information about these and other services.


We are an authorized dealer for "Trail Tech" cycle lighting, computers, and other products.


NOTICE: The Kugler Klamps are now out of production. 


I wish to thank all of you who have supported this product over the years,

but shrinking demand and rising production costs forced this decision.


I may be willing to do a run of parts for bulk purchase for a group buy or similar situation.  Contact me if interested.


While Evolution Cycles is still a strong endorser of dynamic balancing for nearly every cycle tire application,

we no longer sell Dyna Beads.

You can order Dyna Beads online directly from the manufacturer, or find a local retailer at their website.



HOWEVER, my new preferred product for this application is:

COUNTERACT Balancing beads


These are the original tire balancing beads and have an electrostatic charge to help them stay in positions to keep the wheel/tire assembly balanced at low speeds and even after a stop.


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